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Welcome to Jiangsu Islands Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd.!

Jiangsu Islands Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd. Copyright pageAdd:Wujiang Industrial Park, Qiaolin Town, Pukou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu

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Present situation

Present situation

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njess.cnShipyard also has other facility including one wharf, eight gate crane from 15 Ton to 100 Ton , two 50 Ton car crane ,six 25 Ton car crane.110M -21.5M workshop with Model C6150C1 lathe and Model CW61263C lathe , Model X6332A Radial Universal Milling Machine , Model BQ60100 Swaping planer machine ,numeral control steel cutting machine ,400tons oil presser ,plate-cutting machine frame cold-forming mill ,steel bending machine ,pipe bending machine.

In order to adapt to the international shipbuilding market and requirement, shipyard organize manufacture strictly according to rule of international classification and already approved by DNV,ABS,GL,BV,KR,CCS,ZC. The vessel export to Belgium, Middle East, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia , Indonesia , Hong Kong and Taiwan high reputation.

HONG KONG TONG SHENG MARINE LIMITED is head office of the Jiangsu Islands Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd?, and mainly incharge of trading and business of marine and shipbuilding.